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Simon Game

Implementation of the classic Simon Game

This project was amazing.I totally felt in control and executed my plan which was to write small functions and interact with the global environment as little as possible. Ok the UI could be a a little better but I was mostly focusing in javascript for this one.Also it was cool that I googled just one or two times only during this project

In case you are not familiar with Simon Game.Each round the AI flashes a set of buttons and the player has to press the same combination. If (the player is successful) {then the game moves to the next round adding one more button to the sequence} else if ((no pun intended) the player fails) {then the game resets the round and the player can try again}.There is also strict mode.If the player fails in strict mode the game completely resets

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Wikipedia Viewer

Having fun with wikipedia API!!!

One of the Free Code Camp API projects.The real challenge was to figure out the vast wikipedia API.The AJAX request can be altered in countless ways and this project could really evolve in the future.

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Weather Station

A small weather station

One of the Free Code Camp API projects.Utilizes GeoLocation and the openweather API to return weather conditions near you.

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A Calculator

Very fun project.I utilized regular expressions a lot.Then I realised that eVal exists but I decided to keep my initial solution.I learned a lot during this project and I was happy with presentation as well.

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Quote Generator

Random Quotes and a Tweet

One of the Free Code Camp API projects.I decided to not use an API for the random quotes in order to write some more code. Did not use a normal button but tried to use twitter web-intends which led up to a lot of confusion and frustration.In the end I learned a lot so I am happy I went this way.Can you find the bug?

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Pomodoro Clock

Pomodoro Timer,Performance Enchancer

Pomodoro is a technique to increase productivity and more importantly to track your time and estimate tasks more accurately.You work 25 mins and take a break of 5 mins.This is one Pomodori. For this project even though it was an overkill i used Javascript Prototypes.The timer object could use some getters and setters but still it was a great experience.

This was the first time that I had a big WTF moment with the keyword "this".I found a solution using bind and I was able to click my buttons and make them do what I wanted.This was a big alarm that I really needed to understand the language better and gave me the drive to study harder

A very cool thing is that I actually use this timer when I study.Yay!

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News Viewer

Free Code Camp news viewer

Utilizes the Free Code Camp latest news api to provide several information for Camper News. This is now a legacy Free Code Camp project because news section was shut down

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Tracking the status of channels on

A Free Code Camp Project.I LOVED IT. I love gaming since I was a kid and I have been watching evolving for years.Ideas started flowing on how to expand this with backend features and as I get proficient with node.js cool things will happen!

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Todo List

A small to do list with jQuery

Part of an online tutorial.It was one of my first dom manipulation projects and even though I do not claim to have made this completely on my own at a time I sure learned a lot from doing it.Deployed it on github and it is live on github pages.

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Tic Tac Toe

A tic tac toe implementation

Second to last project of Free Code Camp Front End certification.The logic is still a work in progress.

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Epic Blog

A fully functional Epic Blog

A fully functional blog with admin functionality.It was a project from an online course and no scaffolding was used to create this so I really digged deep on how ruby on rails works.Written some tests as well for the first time.

Login as and password test123 if you want to check things out.This is deployed on heroku.

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Stock Search

Search for stocks using stock quote gem

A stock market search app with social features.This was a big slap in the face as I did not know any javascript at the time.This was actually the trigger to start learning javascript. This is deployed on heroku. You can login as and password test1234 if you want to have a look.Search koko or test to find some friends :D !

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To hit or not to hit?

A game of blackjack.The second to last project from a coursera class.This was the first time I was actually dealing with classes and the first time I dropped the class.Came back with a vengeance.Have some fun!

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Rice Rocks

Classic Asteroids clone

The final project of the coursera two-part course: An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python.Many mistakes in the code but this was the fist substantial project I finished.After it was done I was hooked.I was going to be a developer!

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